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The Cyprus Contemporary Film Centre organises a screening evening of Found Footage Films, and celebrates one of the oldest yet most popular trends of independent experimental cinema.

A careful selection of 13 short works by acclaimed as well as fresh filmmakers from around the world, who explore in a creative manner the idea of using ready-made material such as family videos, archival footage, advertisements and Hollywood movie shots in oder to create a whole new cinematic world.


Programme :


Erica Sheu (TW) - A Short History (2017)

Wild Pear Arts (RS) - I Have a Song to Sing You (2019)

Pamela Breda (GB) - Unite the Dots to Make the Image Appear (2017)

Shubhangi Singh (IN) - Speaking in Tongues (2018)

Stuart Pound (GB) - Shooting Loops (2019)

Yves-Marie Mahé (FR) - Plouf (2012)

Vivian Ostrovsky (US) - Losing the Thread (2014)

Rhayne Vermette (CA) - Black Rectangle (2013) & Full of Fire (2013)

Gerard Freixes-Ribera (SP) - Identity Parade (2017)

Michael Fleming (NL) - Over&Over (2016)

Mauricio Sanhueza (PE) - Do you smell that? (2014)  & The Magic Bullet (2018)


Duration: 60’




When: Thursday 27th of February at 19:30

Where: At Fotodos

(37 Ksanthis Ksenierou, 1015 Nicosia - Next to Sarah’s Jazz Club)

Free Entrance

More Info: 99457170