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Kinoklub Zagreb Films - 27/11/20

Still from +Topia by Petar Novak




27th of November 2020 at 20:00

Artos Foundation, 64 Agion Omologiton Avenue, Nicosia, 1080


Kinoklub Zagreb is a non-profit amateur film society founded in Zagreb, Croatia in 1928. During the early 60's, it became a central place of the Yugoslav avant-garde film movement, marked by "anti-film" and Genre Film Festival (1963 to 1970), one of the first experimental film festivals in the world.

Today, Kinoklub Zagreb still remains the biggest producer, distributor and archiver of Croatian independent short films, with special focus on alternative filmmaking. Its main goal is to promote amateur filmmaking by providing its members with free access to filmmaking equipment and editing rooms, as well as distribution advice and constant education through workshops, cinematheque screenings and film discussions.

Kinoklub Zagreb has the greatest number of films produced in the history of Croatian film -estimating some 2500 films have been made since 1928, with 75 films being shot in 2017 alone. Its films have been in competition programs in festivals such as Rotterdam, Oberhausen, Tampere, Sarajevo, as well as many other local festivals, where they have won numerous awards.


Programme :

1. I Smoke Whatever's Left - Zorko Sirotić - 9’40’’

2. Cartographer - Daria Blazevic - 6’14’’

3. Cabbage - Zorko Sirotić - 8’43’’

4. +Topia - Petar Novak - 5’19’’

5. The Tiniest - Tomislav Šoban - 16’33’’

6. Dota - Petra Zlonoga - 4’32’’

7. Drama is Overrated - Sunčica Ana Veldić - 20’41’’


Duration: 70’


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