Κυπριακό Κέντρο



Armenian Auteur Documentaries


Steel Gates

2010 / 57 min.

Director, Writer and Cameraman: Armen Khachatryan

2013 Grand Prix, Lisbon (Portugal) “Films on Art” International Film Festival Scriptwriter


Apresik Aloyan is a notable face of Armenian contemporary arts. He lives, rather exists in a small town. –I cherish a hope I'm going to end up with the eternal life in the paradise, – he says. Apresik is fond of repeating the idea everything will be ok in the heavens at least, since many of us are going to bump against the steel gates of the Hell.




The old man and the  city

2017 / 60 min.

 Director and Scriptwriter: G. Harutyunyan, Cameraman: S. Babasyan


Sculptor Khachatur Iskandaryan was born in Yerevan, 90 years ago. He saw old Yerevan with its dirty, winding streets, its humble, poor people, the so called ''Ghantari tak'' market, the first tram on Astafyan street. The city changed in front of him: constructions, squares, dwelling houses, factories all around... But first of all it's the people who represented the image of our city that remain in his memory very brightly. He immortalized them all in his sculptures, which though being small have never humiliated the posers.  

So the city gets older, and  the sculptor with it, whose memories are closely connected to Yerevan.






A yearlong cinema exposition of classic and contemporary black and white films


2nd Screening / MAY 2018

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